Back and neck injuries — including bulging and herniated discs, nerve root impingement, arthritis, facet joint disease, spinal stenosis, and other cervical and lumbar injuries — can severely limit your ability to maintain employment. If your job requires manual labor, the physical pain caused by your back or neck injury may make it impossible to keep working.In addition to the physical pain and suffering caused by neck and back injuries, lost wages and reduced earning capacity can place financial strain on the entire family unit.Located in Corpus Christi, the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day helps individuals throughout the South Texas Coastal Bend get Social Security Disability benefits for their back and neck impairments so they can treat their injuries, pay their bills and support their families.

The Law Office of Kathleen L. Day: providing individuals in Corpus Christi with personal representation and local service.

Nueces County Orthopedic Injury Disability Benefits

Because many soft tissue neck and back injuries cannot be seen with the naked eye, proving their existence to the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be challenging.

Lawyer Kathleen Day has been practicing Social Security Disability law in Corpus Christi for almost 20 years. Over the years, she has developed strong ties with the state’s leading physicians. Depending on the nature of your injury, Ms. Day works closely with orthopedists, neurologists, and other nerve and spine specialists to prove the existence of your injury and the impact it has on your life.

Local Representation, Personal Service

At the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day, we are a local Corpus Christi law firm that serves the needs of Corpus Christi residents. Unlike larger, national law firms, our clients are more than their Social Security numbers. We believe in real, face-to-face conversation and local representation. Attorney Kathleen Day has dedicated her career to helping individuals obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they need to pay their bills and support their families.

Ms. Day has been practicing in the South Texas Coastal Bend for almost 20 years. She has good working relationships with local SSA staff and knows how to get her clients the benefits they are entitled to in the most efficient manner possible.

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