Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD/SSDI) represents one of the largest federal programs that provide much needed financial assistance to those restricted from being employed because of a disability. At the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day, we understand the challenges our clients face in filing for benefits against a powerful government entity. From the initial placation to any necessary appeals, we remain at their side and focus on the best outcome.

A Dedicated South Texas Disability Claims Attorney

SSD is a federal insurance program funded by payroll taxes, providing temporary or permanent income to the physically disabled. It functions similar to a life insurance policy. Applicants pay money into the system in case they are unable to work and need income.

While the application process does not require legal representation, a lawyer can truly make a difference in securing the benefits you need. Denials of applications are commonplace and many applicants assume that the final decision has been made. However, options remain to pursue reconsideration and appeals. In addition, Kathleen Day knows the deadlines that must be followed from her experience in helping thousands of claimants throughout South Texas.

At the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day, we help you with the application process and other necessary forms. We attend to every detail in gathering all medical records. Denials do not discourage us as we immediately move forward with appeals.

With roots in Corpus Christi, we are dedicated to area residents needing help securing the disability benefits they deserve.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Corpus Christi SSDI attorney, please fill out an intake form or contact our office at (361) 888-4342. Our office is located across from Gaslight Square and close to CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline Hospital and the Crosstown Expressway.