At the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day, we understand the major impact a mental impairment can have on our clients’ abilities to find and maintain employment. In some cases, your mental impairment may be so severe as to not be able to find a job. In other cases, keeping the job is the problem.When medications stop working and environmental stressors — such as deadlines and quotas — arise, anxiety attacks can occur, and the highs and lows associated with bipolar disorder may make it hard to maintain healthy working relationships.

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Bipolar Disorder SSD Benefit Claims Attorney

The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a list of impairments — commonly referred to as the “blue book” — that are deemed disabling. If an individual is diagnosed with a listed impairment, he or she will be presumed unable to maintain gainful employment. Mental impairments deemed “disabling” under the SSA’s “blue book” include:

  • Mental retardation
  • Autistic disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder

If you are suffering from a mental illness not included in the above list, you may still qualify for SSD benefits. In these cases, additional steps must be taken to prove your mental impairment prevents you from working.

Proving Your Mental Impairment

Because mental impairments are not visible to the naked eye and cannot be seen through modern medical technology, such as X-rays and MRIs, they can be more difficult to prove.

At the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day, we know the questions the SSA will ask. Why aren’t medications working? Isn’t psychiatric therapy enough? Why can’t this person control his or her anger? Why are even simple job duties impossible to complete?

We work closely with our clients’ treating physicians and enlist the help of outside medical experts, including psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as vocational experts, to prove our clients’ mental impairments prohibit them from maintaining gainful employment.

Together, we will get you the Social Security Disability benefits you need to treat your emotional impairment and support yourself and your family.

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