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My daughter was diagnosed w/ MS at age 21. She applied for disability and was denied. I worked for the SSA as an SSI Claims Representative. I could not represent her because I worked for the agency and was considered a conflict of interest.

I was familiar with the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day. They were knowledgeable, efficient, and very professional. They obtained medical records and kept her medical file up to date. They represented her at the reconsideration and hearing levels. My daughter was found disabled and was awarded benefits since the day she filed her claim.

When I retired from the SSA after 27 years, I filed for disability also due to multiple medical issues. I too hired the Law Office of Kathleen L. Day. My case was denied at hearing level and appealed. A second hearing was held and I was awarded benefits and received backpay since the day I filed.

Ida M. Herrera
Retired Claims Representative
Alice, Texas

I want to thank you all for helping me with getting disability. I highly recommended the law firm of Kathleen Day. They were there for me. If I had any question they always had the answer and never had to wait, At the very beginning they told me it will take time which it did. I am glad having the law firm Kathleen day represent me. once again THANK YOU

Alfred Hofstetter

I was very pleased with the experience I had with Kathleen Day. Everyone in the office was very helpful throughout the process. The guidance given to me was everything I needed. I would highly recommend using Kathleen Day.


Her staff are helpful and detail oriented.

Mila Connell

She won my case & made it very convinient for me.Kathleens staff is very nice,helpful & very easy to talk too.I would still be in a rutt if it wernt for her.Thank You Kathleen Day

Glenda Garcia

Kathleen went above and beyond to assist me with my disability. I would and will recommend her to any and everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Day for all your help.

Tina Galaz

Friendly, knowledgeable and very straight forward on the process. I feel very happy with the work she is doing and the way she and her staff made me feel comfortable.

Melissa Needham Webb (Lisa)

Everyone is kind they listen to what you say and very helpful. I'm happy I went there they make things so easy I didn't have to stress

Emma Diaz

Kathleen Day was well prepared for my social security hearing. Her and her staff were helpful anytime I had questions about my case. We ended up getting a fully favorable bench decision at my hearing. I recommend having Kathleen Day at your side during your social security hearing. She will definitely increase your chances of having a positive outcome in your case!

Orlando “Orly” Sims

“I was scared, homeless, despondent, broke, embarrassed and sick. Oh, everybody claims there is help in the world...I looked hard to no avail. At my wits end, I recalled someone months prior referring me to the office of Kathleen Day...so I called...and my life changed. I truly have never had anyone respond to my concerns, may I say desperate needs, as Kathleen Day’s office. Despite my rather frazzled and curmudgeon demeanor, Kathleen Day’s office turned an almost completely lost situation into a win. Also, as a result of my almost giving up, Kathleen’s Day office had little time to prepare, but were expedient in nature and always professional. They never gave up on me and to this day they welcome any future concerns and questions I may have. Truly, thank you each and every one at the office of Kathleen Day!”

Renae Bruno