Working While Receiving Disability Benefits

Working While Receiving Disability Benefits

When you apply for disability benefits, you may wonder about the specifics of whether or not you can work while receiving benefits. The short answer is that it is possible to work and still receive your Social Security Disability Benefits. There are certain criteria that you need to meet in order for this to be the case.

What to know about working while receiving disability benefits:

– You must not be able to engage in substantial gainful activity or SGA.

If you earn more than a certain amount per month, you will be considered to be engaging in SGA. The amount that you can earn per month and still meet the requirements to receive benefits can change each year, so it’s important to watch for these adjustments.

For 2018 the amount for people who are considered statutorily blind is $1970 and for people who are not blind is $1180. If you earn more than these amounts, you will not be approved to continue receiving benefits. These amounts will allow you to still work part-time, if that is what you wish to do.

– The trial work period.

After you apply for disability benefits and are approved, you may attempt to return into the work force. During your trial work period, you can test your ability to work while still retaining your benefits. Any work done during this time will not negate benefits until work is done for at least nine months during a rolling 60 month period. A month of service is considered to be $850 during that month.

– Self-employment can be tricky.

If you work for yourself or have your own small business, it can be tricky to gauge how much you’re actually working since earnings won’t always indicate hours in this case. The Social Security Administration has some pretty elaborate and complicated rules when it comes to those who are self-employed. This will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Many people may find it difficult to not work at all even though they’re receiving disability benefits. After you apply for disability benefits and are approved, you may become bored depending on your individual circumstances. You may wish to work part-time or start your own small business during this time. It is possible to do this and not give up your benefits as long as you follow the SSA guidelines. Contact us with any questions.