How Does Someone File For Social Security Disability Benefits In Each State?

How Does Someone File For Social Security Disability Benefits In Each State?

For Social Security Disability benefits, SSA requires that each state has their own application. They also require that there are rules and regulations that are set in each state as well when someone is filing for a claim. Because of these standards, the rules and regulations are the same in each state. This criteria is the same regardless of the state that one is in when applying. It is important to understand that there are some differences in the SSD program that is offered in certain states.

States that need more information

Though the rules for qualifying for SSD benefits are the same in each state, certain states require different information. The requirements for special rules for other Social Security programs differentiate in different states. States that have implemented different rules and what the rules are:

  • California: When you want to receive SSI benefits, you need to inform the office where you go to eat. An example of this is, if you normally eat dinner at a restaurant or get take out, and then you decide to cook or eat at home now, you need to report this information to the SSI office.
  • Hawaii, Michigan and Vermont: These states require that you provide SS with the information such as you living in an assisted-living facility. If you are living in an assisted-living home, you need to inform SS the type of care you are receiving and if throughout your benefits, if the level of care you are receiving increases or decreases.
  •  Massachusetts: You need to notify if you pay two-thirds or more of the living expenses in your home. This means, you need to let the office know if your living expenses increase or decrease.
  • New York: You need to let the SS office where you are consuming your meals. This means you need to notify them if you are eating at home or away and keep them informed if you change your lifestyle. You also need to let SS know if you are living with other people, how you prepare your meals, and if your living situation does change.

How To Determine the Social Security Disability Rules

If you are concerned about how your state SSD benefits work and if they will affect your claim, you should consider contacting a disability attorney. Your lawyer will help you understand the application process and also any specific rules that you need to understand.