How To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

How To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

During the unfortunate time where you are unable to work, you want the process of filing for Social Security to be smooth and easy. Sometimes, it might not go that way, but it can be preventable if you do your research and remain organized during the process. Because Social Security Disability — SSD — is a government program, it is structured to protect workers against the loss of earning income while disabled. To qualify for SSD benefits, you need to be able to prove that you are unable to perform daily work activities that you were able to prior to your accident. You must also present evidence that your job has no work for you that you could be trained in based on your age and education.

You can apply for SSD for any medical condition that:

  • Is to be considered severe
  • Prevents you from engaging in normal work activity
  • Lasted or expected to last at least 12 months.

How to apply

The best time to apply for SSD benefits is as soon as you become disabled. If you can’t work, there is no reason to wait until your disability gets worse to start your application. Disabilities can be found in Social Securities Blue Book where they will list disabilities that are approved under the benefits program. If you do not find your exact disability, don’t count yourself out. Reach out to your disability attorney or a representative from Social Security for help.

If your case is borderline, then disability attorneys would advise that you wait until you haven’t worked for 4-6 months before applying. If you are permanently disabled, you should make that known to the Social Security Administration — SSA. This will help them determine your start date for receiving SSD benefits.

Be prepared for the process because it can be lengthy depending on your case. Generally, most cases are denied at first, but you can appeal those. If you hire a disability attorney, they will be able to help you during the appeal process. Having a disability attorney will save you time and stress and studies show that when you do have an attorney with you during your case, you will have a higher chance of an approval.