How Impairment-Related Work Expenses Affect Social Security Disability

With Social Security benefits, there’s something called Impairment-related work expenses — IRWE. IRWE is what is caused by your disability and is an expense that you need when you start working. If you are on disability, you can still work, but must not make more than your monthly income with SS. As long as you [...]

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Working While Receiving Disability Benefits

When you apply for disability benefits, you may wonder about the specifics of whether or not you can work while receiving benefits. The short answer is that it is possible to work and still receive your Social Security Disability Benefits. There are certain criteria that you need to meet in order for this to be [...]

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How Does Someone File For Social Security Disability Benefits In Each State?

For Social Security Disability benefits, SSA requires that each state has their own application. They also require that there are rules and regulations that are set in each state as well when someone is filing for a claim. Because of these standards, the rules and regulations are the same in each state. This criteria is [...]

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What Should Your Medical Evidence For Social Security Look Like?

In a Social Security Disability — SSD — case, having medical evidence can come in all forms and is critical to your case. The types of evidence can be anything from treatment notes, medical records, or physical exams. Medical evidence should be timely, precise, and sufficient. Medical records are the best ones that are typed [...]

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Do alcohol and drugs play a role in the disability benefit process?

Sometimes, using drugs and alcohol can be a reason that Social Security Administration — SSA — decides to ignore your disability as well as symptoms you are having and deny your claim. It is still possible that you can receive disability benefits if you are using drugs and alcohol. SSA can deny your claim based [...]

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How to prepare yourself for the Social Security Disability Interview

Whenever an application is filed for SSD benefits, a representative from the local Social Security office will want to either set up an application interview at the local office or over the phone. What to expect during the interview Generally, the interview takes about an hour, but that depends on the case and how well [...]

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How To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

During the unfortunate time where you are unable to work, you want the process of filing for Social Security to be smooth and easy. Sometimes, it might not go that way, but it can be preventable if you do your research and remain organized during the process. Because Social Security Disability — SSD — is [...]

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What are the four stages in a disability appeal process

You are allowed to appeal a decision made by Social Security disability after all the levels of decisions. There are four stages to the appeal process — reconsideration, hearing, council, and court. Below is a breakdown of the levels and how they work. Reconsideration The first level of appeals is the request in reconsideration for [...]

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Here’s How Social Security Disability Reviews Work

When you are accepted to receive SSD or SSI benefits, you will be under review of your medical condition every so often so they can make sure you still qualify for disability. If your health hasn’t improved or you are still not capable of performing work activities, you will still be able to receive your [...]

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Disability Benefits for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is not just loud snoring or a little nasal congestion. Chronic sleep apnea leads to severe health problems, and if your apnea is so severe that it interferes with your ability to work, you may qualify for Social Security disability. When someone has sleep apnea, there are periods of time where you’re unable [...]

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